Remodel Your Kitchen & Bath to Increase Value

Is your house ready for a kitchen and bath remodel? Does it feel like it has been neglected for decades and gone out of style? 

If you know your home needs a renovation, but have been putting it off because you’re worried about the cost of construction and duration– the investment is well worth the reward. 

Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen & Bath

Most people choose to remodel because of two reasons. One, they may want to add some personal preferences to make their home more comfortable. Two, they might be putting their house on the market and are hoping to boost the selling price. 

When considering remodeling, always remember that your return ultimately depends on your house’s overall value within the local housing market. Factors like the value of neighboring homes, the type, and quality of remodeling, and how soon after the house goes on the market can influence your investment. 

Benefits of Remodeling 

The most popular projects for homeowners looking to increase their home’s value without breaking the bank or sacrificing their house’s total integrity are kitchen and bath remodels.

Improve the Best Areas in Your House 

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas of the house in which most people spend a lot of time. A new remodel can draw in home buyers and make the house stand out for a smooth sale. If you’re not planning on selling, design to your specificities, and enjoy the new favorites of your home. 

Remodel your Kitchen & Bath: Create More Space

Has your family grown in the last couple of years? Are you struggling with having only one bathroom, or not enough kitchen space? A great way to make your home more spacious is by adding another bathroom or decluttering and redesigning the kitchen to maximize storage. 

Save on Monthly Bills

Outdated appliances can run up water and electric bills due to their inefficiency at conserving energy and resources. Due to the growing awareness of environmental change, modern devices come designed to limit your home’s impact on the environment– which saves you money. Make the smart decision and upgrade your home with energy-saving appliances!  

Quickly Sell Your House 

A kitchen and bath remodel can drastically improve your house’s appeal– making it sell faster and at a higher price. In a thriving housing market, remodels are great investments guaranteed for max returns– this is because most buyers are willing to pay more for a house with an upgraded kitchen or bath. 

Upgrade for Security and Safety 

When was the last time your kitchen or bathroom had a health inspection? Are there annoying leaks, stains, mildew marks, grimy surfaces, or old wiring posing hazards in your home? Remodeling with a professional will ensure that these hazards are fixed–to ensure the safety of you and your family. 

Types of Remodels  

The task of updating your home can seem incredibly daunting and overwhelming. Below are some specifics about remodels to keep in mind when investing your time and money.

Kitchen Remodel 

The kitchen can either add or reduce your home’s value. When preparing to invest in a remodel, it is essential to evaluate your cost-benefit projections, to not overinvest. Having a clear vision or goal for the renovations, materials, and design will help you stay on budget

Projects can range drastically in cost and construction, but the nationwide average spent on a remodel is $25,100 or $150 per square foot, according to HomeAdvisor.  

Extensive renovations aren’t always needed if you are trying to keep your investment low. Specific and cost-effective improvements can also drastically benefit a kitchen. 

Here are some affordable and practical ways to add value to your kitchen and home.

Replace Old Cabinets 

Enhance your kitchen with custom cabinets and new hardware! Maximize kitchen space by redesigning the height and shape of cabinets to suit your house’s needs better. Add some color and style to your cabinets to give them a fresh, updated look. 

Add New Light Fixtures 

Lighting controls the tone and feel of your home. Light fixtures can be used as accents to tie a particular style or motif together in the house. For those looking to save on their utility bills, consider ordering L.E.D lights for your kitchen. 

Fresh Countertops 

Worn out and stained countertops can be eyesores in any kitchen. Install new countertops to enhance the look and feel of the place immediately. Replacing countertops is a safe idea because you won’t have to spend a ton of money to get a revamped kitchen.  

Bathroom Remodel 

Bathrooms are the most remodeled spaces in homes because their return on bathroom remodels is steady and rising. People who remodel their bathrooms wish to sell their homes faster and at a higher price, or want to fine-tune their bathrooms to suit them better.

Midrange bathroom renovations average around $20,000, while full upscale renovations can be up to $65,000. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom but only having one in the house, consider adding another bathroom for a smarter investment and a better boost to your home’s value!

Here are the best improvements for your bathroom! 

Personalize Your Vanity 

Choose from a range of vanity kits or customize your own with unique faucets, cabinets, and sinks. Add a touch of refinement and style to your bathroom with an upgraded vanity everyone will enjoy.  

Get Rid of Old Hardware 

Dated plumbing fixtures can hinder any bathroom appearance, but they are easy to replace and comparatively cheap. Make sure to add new plumbing hardware that will match the other areas of the house, even if you choose to go more modern. 

Conserve Water 

Replace old toilets, showers, and sinks with water-efficient appliances that use a low flow of water to save you money and preserve precious resources. This upgrade is significant for re-selling your home, as buyers value the investment it takes to make a home more eco friendly and affordable. 

Increase Your Value with Simple Remodels

Whether you’re planning to sell your house, or only looking to upgrade your home, a kitchen and bath remodel will add value, convenience, and comfort to your house. Invest in your home and enjoy the ease of living in a beautiful place.