Custom Bathrooms | Studio 11 Cabinets & Design

Tom & Melanie G.

When you embark on a home project, regardless of scope, you want to know the final product will leave you feeling good long after the project team has stamped ‘done’. We can confidently tell you that is the feeling we have had with the Studio 11 team on two projects. With one project, we had a well-developed vision; with the other project, we had a vague idea. The Studio 11 team was great in both situations. From their support to their vision, to the quality and choice of their products, to how efficiently they worked to deliver, to the renderings, to the final product, the Studio 11 team is exactly the partner we wanted. The final products are like works of art, and the beauty they add to our home takes our breath away. We believe the legacy of Studio 11’s origins would be very proud of what they are doing for customers like us. Studio 11 exceeded all of our expectations, and in our opinion, they deserve way more than 5-stars!